Full service strategic and creative agency delivering brand strategies, business transformation, UX & communication and digital development.

Full service strategic and creative agency delivering - brand strategies, business transformation, creative concepts & digital development.

About Milou

Milou was founded in 2003 but our history goes back to the mid-nineties when digital and internet was an infant crawling around on the floor. We were there when business cards in the shape of CD-roms created page after page of publicity, when internet companies went from 500 to 4000 employees over the weekend. We were there when it all came crashing down hard. And we were there when everything slowly but surely started to build up again, properly this time. In so many ways – we’ve been around.

We live and breathe beautiful experiences

With the vision "Beautiful experiences", we have over the years worked with fantastic clients, delivering utterly challenging and inspiring initiatives. We’ve helped new brands establish themselves and existing ones revitalize their business. We’ve developed cool new services and created beautiful interfaces, met with lots and lots of incredible people and taken every opportunity to both transfer our collective knowledge and learn from the great experience existing among all partners and clients. Never-ever not inhaling new information.

Milou is nowadays a strategic and creative full-service agency with almost 25 people working within the areas business, design and technology from our studios in Karlskrona and Kalmar. Still small-town people at heart, you’ll nowadays find our work and clients all over the country and internationally – where we are delivering smarter business, greater design and innovative technology. And as we are part of Softhouse Group, we today have some 300 colleagues around Sweden bringing even more knowledge, skills and possibilities to deliver at the top of our game in all our deliveries.


We believe in honest and lovely things that are for real – things not only looking at what first meets the eye but also mean something in the long run. We know that the road to success sometimes is bumpy but we believe that the most important thing is to give all that we’ve got and try to navigate through the hard times – admitting that we can always be better. We are easy going individuals understanding that the reason for our success boils down to our attitude and personalities – what you see is what you get. All employees at Milou are both responsible and the reason for our wins – something we like to reward regardless of how old you are, how long you’ve been with us or the role you have in the company. One for all and all for one. And as a collective, we want to do good for the ones in society that need it the most – with the help of our time, knowledge and experience. Sometimes with our hands and feet, sometimes using our brains as sparring partners.

We are part of digital history and we are part of shaping the digital future. With a humble cockiness, we take on challenges big and small, wide and tall. Bring it on we say.


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