Are we your new colleagues?

We’re an agency in love with helping clients with their needs, overcome challenges and share our knowledge and passion. We believe in exploring and daring to show the way and in order to come to a conclusion as to what and how, we ask why. We connect business with design and technology – all in order to create real value for those we work with.

What we always carry with us is “Beautiful experiences” – in all and everything we do. In the way we work, behave towards each other and what we do in our deliveries.

At Milou you will work together with people being experts in their respective field. Everyone with different backgrounds, educations, work experience and more – building a togetherness and common strength based on curiosity, lack of prestige and a constant will to better ourselves.

What it's like at Milou

At Milou you’ll get a varied and broad job description. “Complete” with nothing more to learn, you will never be – there will always be new initiatives, clients and innovations you’ve never heard of. 

Constantly, we learn from our colleagues, challenge each other and share new knowledge and gained experience. New ideas are welcome regardless if it is about deliveries, way of work or how to promote Milou at a certain event. We see ourselves as non-prestigious problem solvers and quite often we get together outside of the office as well – for food and drinks or some more active get-together.

Our days at Milou are quite hectic with everyone hard at work. Which also means that you sometimes need to take a break from what you’re doing right at this moment .
We try to create different watering holes where we get new energy and come up with ideas. Fruit, cookies, crisp bread or sweets – have a “fika” the way you prefer it. 

And you know, we understand that thing called “the everyday puzzle” and try to find solutions for combining work and personal life in the situation you are right now. Simply because it’s important that you are important.

Some nice things

  • Wellness grants a bit more than some 

  • Six weeks of annual leave

  • Really good health insurance and pension.

  • Recruitment bonus
  • Super nice studios in Karlskrona and Kalmar.

  • Tools and methods of working making to fit all your needs.

  • Individual plan for a continuous knowledge and competence development

  • Transparency around the state of the business.

    And... we like to see ourself as a bunch of really nice people.


Org.No: 556645-1463    Ph: +46 455 616171