What we do

With smarter business, greater design and more innovative technology we help you create a better version of your company.

Branding & Culture

Where all and everything begins, where all and everything ends. Your brand and values are the equivalent to a person’s appearance and personality – with attitudes, traits, ambition, looks, way of speaking and more. Something that is both just felt and put down in words. We create and vitalize strong brands, inspiring brands, challenging brands, comforting brands. And we dress them accordingly – always with a clear framework and set of tools on how they should communicate. Seeing your inside and build your outside based on this is what we love.

Example deliveries; vision, mission, company values, position, name, logotype, graphic profile, tonality, etc.

Business development

The world is in constant change, even faster tomorrow than today than yesterday. And your business need to not only have the same pace but quite often change faster than the world around you. Established customer journeys, optimized working processes, updated market propositions, improved organizational culture and the holiest of holy graals today – digitalization. And through research and analysis, idea generation and conceptualization, we help you identify and create your future state and position.

Example deliveries; digitalization, business development, self-service, e-commerce, service concepts, pricing, work processes, product development, statistics & analysis etc.

Communication & Marketing

Maybe your brand identity is a perfect representation of who you are, perhaps your business models and way of work are spot-on in relation to your market demands and needs. Super. Now, let’s get creative by bringing out the most loveable and efficient communication and marketing there could be. Communication that both draws in and challenges the person meeting it, standing out completely and fitting the purpose perfectly at the same time. And marketing that is both relevant to the desired audience, efficient when it comes to time & money and effective when it comes to achieving the right results.

Example deliveries; idea generation, communication concepts, user experience, graphic design, film/motion, illustrations, copywriting, market plan, media handling etc.

Digital Services & Applications

You talk the talk. But do you walk the walk? Brands, business models and creative concepts – nine out of ten times they will all need some sort of product or service in order to be successful - a realization of what they build their business around. They need technology. And oh my, are we good at developing these digital services and applications – ideating, creating, committing, verifying, releasing and supporting advanced services in various formats. We have 1010101 in our DNA and will see to it that you get the latest, most innovative version of it – everyday delivering outstanding products.

Example deliveries; application development, front-end, back-end, framework & architecture, API & integrations etc.

Web presence

The alpha and omega of any digital endeavor, a placeholder for services as well as an entity of it’s own - the website is the core of the world wide web with an ever present need and right of existence. More or less a necessity for brands and businesses big and small - trying to balance between being exhaustive and to the point at the same time. Always with a great focus on usability, user friendliness, availability, interactivity and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.In websites we have our heritage, where we originally come from. Then something different, something extra. Today a natural and given extension of your business. The approach to websites changed and so did we. Today we believe that digital presence in general and websites in particular should be seen as it is - a fully integrated area. And that is how we approach it as well - with usability (as an example) having the same drivers regardless of channel or technology.

Example deliveries; Information architecture, interaction design, visual design, frontend and backend, CMS development, content production, release management etc.

Facilitation & Knowledge transfer

Sometimes you have it in you, it’s there and it’s good - you just can’t get it out, you’re not able to formulate it and make it tangible. And sometimes you need to prioritize among all undeniably relevant thoughts, ideas and initiatives. Through smart and relevant facilitation of groups, teams and larger organizations, we support and drive idea generation, conceptualization, strategic direction with and for both the people and the business.And with all that we know, all that we have the skills for, we also share this with others, share a lot. In different formats and situations - from intimate workshops to large keynotes, from company specific to public events. Anyhow, anywhere we have a willingness and ability to reach and teach an audience in multiple ways.

Example deliveries; Method & process generation, workshop construction, facilitation, lecturing, public speaking etc.


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