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Being part of the County Council of Blekinge, the public transport provider “Blekingetrafiken” were in 2019 presented with a challenge similar to that of many organizations within state or municipality in Sweden – the revised legislation around accessibility for digital services.

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For all and everyone



Being part of the County Council of Blekinge, the public transport provider “Blekingetrafiken” were in 2019 presented with a challenge similar to that of many organizations within state or municipality in Sweden – the revised legislation around accessibility for digital services. With a website from 2014 where accessibility was good but not as prioritized, a significant push was necessary. This revision had to include structure, design and code – but also rewriting and producing a lot of content. 

Milou had the responsibility to deliver information architecture, user flows, interaction design, graphic design and technical development – all the time working closely with the people at Blekingetrafiken.


Analysis and Strategy
Graphic design
Frontend development
System development and integration
Quality assurance and testing


Aug 2019 – Nov 2019

The project had a tight delivery time over four months – something that required a smart and streamlined interaction between Milou and Blekingetrafiken. Using an agile methodology with daily check-ins, backlog grooming for prioritization, sprint planning, rapid prototyping and pivoting when needed – with developers involved very early to validate the technical feasibility of the user experience.

As a team together with our client, we also managed to handle some, for the project, quite substantial challenges. One of these being that Blekingetrafiken’s new ticket solution was due in December 2019 – something that led to a very tight delivery schedule. And as the new ticket solution wasn’t delivered and available until very late in the project, integration could not be done and tested as early on as would have been preferred. Upon release of this, the new website, integration had to be done with both the old and new ticket solution – something that proved a challenge for user interaction and communication.


Insights and reasoning

  • Requirements – due to the tight delivery plan, a lot was done to define and prioritize requirements together with the client over a very short time. With the outcome also acting as check list during the execution.
  • In order to create user personas, the strategy part of our delivery started with analysis of data from Google Analytics. With these personas as a starting point, requirement validation workshops together with our client was carried out.
  • Accessibility – as Blekingetrafiken is public transport provider, high degrees of accessibility was at the core of the project. To speed up the delivery of this important and demanding area, quality assurance through user testing was carried out as early on as when producing interaction design such as wireframes. This way providing the project with crucial feedback on user experience and expectations.
  • Based on the newly created structure and user flows, work with design and development, both frontend and system integration, begun in parallel with an agile methodology to lessen lead time.
  • Dialogue – due to the tight delivery schedule, we asked the client to come and sit at our studio a few days every week. This way creating the shortest possible process for taking decisions as well as being available for questions and alternative routes during the execution.
  • Audience and conversion – as a result of data analysis early on in the project, conversion targets as well as device focus could be established. Something that created valuable insights in the work with user experience.

Delivery and beyond

Blekingetrafiken’s new web presence was delivered in November 2019 after an intense four-month project period. Work with maintenance and further improvements started immediately where the focus in 2020 is to optimize the user experience, conversion rates and user satisfaction.

The delivery contained:

  • Mobile first web presence
  • User persona centered structure and flows
  • Accessibility on par with and beyond legislation
  • Clear conversion targets and KPI:s

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