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The dawn of a global tourism brand.

Brand strategy and execution for a new proposition focusing on outdoor tourism in the archipelago of south Sweden.

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Global by demand
– Swedish by design



Actually, we started working with the strategies around Compuverde’s market position and presence before we even had come up with the name. But then, when the vision of global brand started to manifest itself – a brand that not only aimed at delivering a lot of value to customers but also had extreme ambitions around the environmental effect – the name fell into place fast. 

The name Compuverde can easily be pronounced and understood in most languages and create an instant recognition, even if you haven’t heard of the company before. And through the clean green base of the brand and strong expression in illustrations and pictograms, we let the graphic design become a bearer of the Scandinavian background and values that shape the company. Through all channels we created communication for – website, print material, presentations, film – a language tonality was established that balances advanced technology and more accessible customer benefits. And this is perhaps what we are the most proud of – to very purposely and successfully go to market with extremely complex technology in an easy and consumable way.


Graphic design
Photography & Film


The brand and web site was
launched 2011. The site was continiously updated and motion graphics was produced during


The brand Compuverde soon succeeded in breaking new ground, not only in Sweden but perhaps even more so internationally. Together with San Francisco – based PR firm Nadel Phelan, we’ve worked a lot with the presence and awareness of Compuverde in the USA and the rest of the world. Using different media and changing content, we always hade the same strategy – to actively highlight services and the people delivering them. And through these initiatives, the brand successfully managed to get more than a foot in the door in an otherwise very conservative industry. The success can to an extent be related to some unconventional communication – or perhaps, communication otherwise not often heard or seen in business-to-business environments. To cut through the noise, we produced a number of animated short films with a common tonality and style that presented both the ingenious technology and the effect a solution from Compuverde will have on your business. These films have been used frequently in both company presentations and different webinars – but just as often, it’s a visitor to or the dedicated YouTube-channel that views them and appreciate the special thing that is Compuverde.

Compuverde_serverHall became central for the whole initiative as this is not only the main communications channel but also function as a tool for sales, support and education. A given we would say, as a forward driven business like Compuverde, with a digital proposition and service challenging both industry players and preconception, of course need a digital presence to match.

Today, Compuverde have established themselves in the global arena and gain recognition after recognition as well as growing their business from day to day. And what was once seen as something perhaps not fully accepted (by traditionalists), is today instead looked upon with awe and admiration. And thinking back upon that first question we got from the geniuses behind Compuverde – “…we’ve some unique code that will change everything – can we create communication out of that…” – we cannot be anything but thankful and proud.


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