Carving out and then creatively visualize the soul and societal importance of a sports club – using film as the main media to deliver to the stomach, brain and heart.

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Carving out and then creatively visualize the soul and societal importance of a sports club – using film as the main media to deliver to the stomach, brain and heart.

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Karlskrona hockey klubb


It’s not easy for a sports association with big dreams to run a successful operation during a worldwide pandemic. Restrictions and prohibitions mean visitors are not able to support their local clubs the same way as before. And it doesn't get easier when you come from a period of declining results and financial challenges

However, this also means more time to focus on something perhaps even more important than results – the heart and soul of the club. Looking beyond the scoreboard, you’ll quickly realize that KHK is more than “just” an ice hockey club. They have a strong position in the local economy, they work actively for a more attractive region and above all, they are involved with young people – a commitment that goes beyond the rink. 

There is an unmistakable drive and passion built-in the organization and the community surrounding the club. A passion that we wanted to emphasize and highlight. Of course, we can’t ignore the sport itself, it’s always at the core. But we can draw power from the arena, from the supporters and the commitment, passion, and unity they show. Its recognizable and contagious.


Research and Strategy
Art Direction
Script & Storyboard


Nov 2020 – May 2021

Create a strategic campaign to strengthen the KHK brand by engaging and inspiring both existing and new fans in Karlskrona.
Through this campaign, we should further highlight the good things the club is doing for the society – being a focal point, somewhat an organized youth center where you’re allowed to dream, have fun and be physically active. Related to this campaign, KHK also want to launch and communicate the club’s revised CSR approach. 

Tillsammans är vi mer än ett hockylag.

At the breakfast table, on the bus, at work, at school or practice – we’ll be there by your side. To support and help you through your everyday. Understanding that good things as well as hardships are a natural part of life. So, if your day is filled with lemons, we want to help you make lemonade. And the only way to make the best out of life is to do it together. To become united and strong – creating something larger than life. We’re not just a hockey team. We are enablers. A club where dreams are made, and where anything is possible – turning dreams into reality.
Through #KHKFOREVER, we want to communicate this community and passion, something that’s an organic part of the club. It’s a deliberate nod to those who are already fans. But that’s not our only target. We’re reaching out to everyone, regardless if they’ve seen every single game KHK has played or never visited our arena.
#KHKFOREVER is not just about supporter culture. It’s about the values and feelings that sport creates – that something we all can gather around.
We want to tell a story that shines the light on another side of KHK. A side that isn’t first and foremost sports interest, but instead a place where you can hang and feel good. We want to inspire and create real value, a value that enables the brand to grow while opening the eyes of more people to take part in our journey ahead.

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