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Affärsverken is a big part of Karlskrona. They supply electricity, district heating, city networks and handle large parts of the municipality's waste and sorting. 

They have invested a lot of resources into digitalizing both their products and customer interactions. As a part of that journey, we helped them design and develop a self service application with the aim to further digitize interaction with customers, package self-service services with forms and reduce calls to customer service.

The application is run by an API merging data from their different business systems to provide a user friendly experience for the customers.

In the app, the user can, among other things, order services, see the next waste collection, change the size or collection frequency of your waste bins.check their electricity consumption and more.


Strategy & Concept
User experience design
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Graphic design
UX Copywriting
Mobile development
API development



The app features a number of smart and user friendly services such as;

  • See opening hours for Mältans recycling centre 
  • Get information about changed collection times for your waste bins.
  • Get help with sorting waste with our sorting bot.
  • Change the size or collection frequency of your waste bins.
  • See the next waste collection for all your properties.
  • Order services such as extra pick-up, rent a container or collect garden waste.
  • Report failure to empty, broken container or other error.
  • See your invoices for both e-subscriptions and waste services.
  • Change the delivery method for your invoice.
  • Change your contact details.
  • Contact customer service.
  • See prices, timetables and information about the archipelago boats.


appstore-screens iphoneX

The application is run by an API merging data from Affärsverkens different business systems, to provide a user friendly experience for the customers.

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